More on Our Safety Zone.

Our Safety Zone??

Our Safety Zone determines everything about who we are, what we do, how we either react or respond, and ultimately how successful or unsuccessful we are at the end of our physical experience.

Not sure about this one but some say, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience and it never ends. But for this 400 words or so, I will say the end …..??(voice raises in pitch)

Everyone has a different safety zone or comfort zone and it is never ever set in stone. It changes according to each individuals mood, mindset, surroundings or environment, or many other things which may force or invite change. And of course change is vitally important  when it comes to any form of progression or improvement. Without change, we are going backwards. There is no neutral, we are either going forwards or backwards.

A racecar driver is ‘in the zone’ going flat out around a race track at 300kph (200mph). To the ‘normal’ person this would be terrifying. Our safety zone talk would say, “get me the hell out of this thing, there is no way this is safe”. But the experienced driver would say         “Woo Hoo Bring it ON”. 

safety zone

A rider riding in a cross country event with jumps, crossings and other obstacles would relish the challenge and go as fast or as slow as our safety zone would permit. The more experienced the rider is, the wider the zone boundary would be. A jockey would be in their safety zone with a good horse surrounded by 10 other jockeys and horses again going as fast as they see fit to gauge the ride to reach the finish line first.

safety zone

So, when it comes to safety zones, each one has to be changeable, adaptable, never set in stone, and must be scrutinized at every second of the day.

This is called, Thinking.

safety zone

The so called zone is only as strong or weak as you see fit.  It is always only be set according to your dreams and goals.  With that said, a goal setting exercise is really the first thing you should do to be aware of how your so called safety zone, can be manipulated, and rearranged to your benefit.

It is something about 3% of the population even take the time to think about. And it is funny how only 3% of the population is neither dead or dead broke by aged 65.

Don’t let your automatic safety zone control you. Be bold or brave enough to extend the boundaries as far as possible. Stretch your thinking patterns to the point where that is no boundary , and finally read learn read learn and read some more. Readers are Leaders. There is no limit to learning. The more you expand your horizons the better position you are to accept new opportunities as they present themselves.

Your open mind will always serve you very well.

I am always learning and growing. I wish to leave a legacy (not for another 100 years or more though) that says, “WOW… a Strong and Humble Leader/Servant”

Thanks to my good friends and mentors Rachel and Shane Krider, with their vision to guide the individual toward a better life, I have positioned myself, I feel, in the best spot possible, for me to be successful and abundant, therefore I can help.

A good youtube video

Cheers, Chrissy.





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