Knowledge vs Experience, which is the winner?

Knowledge vs Experience….

I hear this quite a lot especially nowadays because information has never been so easy to  obtain.

I hear it in most circles whether it be work , industry or even hobby related. Knowledge vs experience, which one is best? The person straight out of college, university or any learning institution should have the knowledge they need to go out and conquer the world.      Knowledge is power they say. But it is Not, and it has never been.

Knowledge…  is just knowledge. Applied knowledge could be powerful or useful if it is applied correctly and efficiently. Knowledge combined with Experience, well … this is a complete new ball game. Can you see how this is teared up to the top by eliminating what has been thought, and looking very closely at the very things needed to get a good result.

First step is knowledge I totally agree with that. Then the fun begins.

Years and years ago I went and saw Pat Parelli and thought … wow… this is fantastic. I can use this knowledge to look at working with my horses from their point of view. I realised they knew what to do they just needed me to ask them correctly. The same as when I went to see Monty Roberts. Same message but slightly different approach. But as far as the horse is concerned, it is me learning their language not the other way around.

Armed with all this new knowledge I thought this will be easy I just need to go and do it and straight away get the good results. WHACK!!! … Learning curve. ….Right between the eyes.

A classic case of knowledge vs experience.

Perseverance here, I knew was the key. Time was irrelevant, language was vital. This is where experience kicked in. I didn’t have any using this technique.

Now after decades of using these natural methods and learning and fine tuning and learning…. and learning… I now have the experience necessary to be a good student, yes I did say student. Once you think you know everything you have nowhere to go and always go backwards.

knowledge vs experience
calm and communicating

Knowledge combined with experience is the perfect balance. Good results will always come from this. Commonsense with no ego is also a good combination.

I now have more time to ride and it is very enjoyable as I am calm, I know how to respond and we (my horse and I) are communicating.

Cheers, Chrissy, with some good advice from my friend and mentor Mr. Shane Krider


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