The Boys are out the back in their Safety Zone

There is safety and opportunity
in the right herd.

The other day we were walking out the back of our property along the path toward one of the dams. We have 7 horses out there just grazing. I looked over and they were about 100 metres away. They all looked up and saw us, looked at each other and started wandering over. They are good boys and didn’t cause any problems at all. They just wanted to be near us. So we all went for a stroll. The way we have trained them, we are their safety zone.

They have all decided that this is the life, rather than working.

A Selfie with photo bomb experts


Now as we were walking along I could easily relate this to people.

We all want and need a safety zone. Without this, life is very difficult and unstable, even scary.

We all want to be standing knee deep in abundance. That is, we want our food, clothing, shelter, water, safety, all right there without any hassle at all. We would rather have everything we need without too much work. This is true. I have spoken to thousands of people over the years, and the story is the same.

So really, members of the animal kingdom have got it right. They only mix with like minded individuals, they all have a common goal, safety, and they won’t tolerate and disturbance in the force.

So we as humans, ever so clever as we are, seem to do just the opposite, and work our reason why we tolerate this.????  Very odd indeed.

Years ago, I decided I was sick of the direction my life was headed. I was in the wrong negative herd. I went back to basics and took my lessons from my 4 legged friends.

I started looking for people who had the same goals, desires and ambitions as I did and that was to be time free, no money worries and be self sufficient with passive income (knee deep).

I had to temporarily  get way out of my safety zone, and create a new one. The new one is where the magic happened.

Well the passive income is growing as I work My Business and the best thing is I will never ever work a Job ever again.  And…. I found em. I am now in the positive herd.

To find out exactly how and why I needed to change, I will gladly show you the same opportunities I found and implemented.

Without Change, you will always have the same Results.

They adapt, they change and they prosper.

Cheers Chrissy.






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    1. Thanks Valerie, I appreciate you comment. Everyone and everything in nature naturally goes toward their safety zone.

      1. But really for us humans to stretch out and head toward being successful, we have to step out of our comfort zone and stay there until it becomes our new zone.