How I decided to create more time and make a change.

Create more time you say …. impossible.
create more time
creating more time, 1st attempt

I remember years ago my daughter said “daddy, i wish I could do this forever”. I can’t remember exactly what is was now but she was having so much fun, that she did not want it to stop. It wasn’t until years later when after coming home from my 6th 12 hour shift in a row I said “I can’t do this for much longer otherwise there won’t be much future for me”. My lifestyle or lack of it was killing me. If only I could create more time… let me see…. Nope that wasn’t possible, so I had to devise a plan to rearrange my time and consequently create more time.

Something had to change.

As I no longer saw the value in what I was doing, and no longer saw the future in this way of life , and not much had really changed in 20 years, I suddenly realised if something was to change, it was only ever up to me.  My family was growing up and I was missing it.

I then discovered this new thing called … the internet,

and where it was heading and said, “this is the future”. It was relatively new but I knew it had huge potential (what an understatement). In the early 2000’s I started researching how this could help me step away from the tools. I stumbled across the idea of a home business. I thought hey this is brilliant. No more commuting for 2 hours a day wearing out my car to the point of costing me money to go to work without realising it. To have a car for work, you really have to set aside around $200 plus per week. Take that off you wages and most people are going backwards. Our first attempt ended in disaster by not really knowing what we were doing and loosing everything and much more. I will not blame the sharemarket but the GFC came along to teach me a lesson.

Anyway, after procrastinating for another 8 years … yes 8 years… my beautiful wife and I decided to look closer to a particular Home Business which had been coming up again and again. It was in the sector of personal development. Not knowing what this was and knowing for sure I didn’t need it whatever it was we looked into it more thoroughly.

All I can say is Absolutely Brilliant.
create more time
decision made, result achieved

The visionaries who put this together had the exact same driving force as I did years ago  but persevered and won big time. They decided to share their good fortune and teach those who were willing to learn and change. This was us.

What the heck has my story got to do with horses and more time to ride you say….

Exactly this. Now we have the time and money to do most anything we want to when we want to with no restrictions at all apart from …. not enough time.

One day I will …. no … Today I learned how to create more time.

Cheers … Chrissy



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