They do sense your energy, good and bad.

Horses are very energy sensitive creatures.

They can sense an enormous amount of things about their surroundings, including you and your energy or mood. They are finely tuned to nature and very intelligent. hmmm maybe not this one…



Being a flight animal they need to be in tune.  Everything is going to eat a horse, especially our fluffy white Guinea pigs, bad energy. That was so funny.

This is why is is of vital importance for you to be at your calmest and composed when being around horses. They know. They must feel safe and secure when around you. This must be their sanctuary.

When I first heard about this is when people like Monty Roberts and Pat Parelli were thought of as crack pots. We looked at all methods of starting and decided that learning how to speak or whisper ‘horse’ , was much better than forcing them into submission. They always feel safe around us.

A great saying was mentioned to me while around horses, and we are aware of it always, is         “hurry up and slow down”.

As well as horses, Personal development is my passion.

It makes me a better me and therefore I am more aware of my surroundings, and know it is rarely if ever the horse if he or she is unsettled. My energy now is more controlled and comes naturally for me to remain in this state.

This has effected my life to the point where everything is easier, success in everything comes easier, abundance is flowing easily and life is generally much much better. They were right when they said ” to be better in business and life, you have to be a better you first”.

I set  out years ago to find a way to make more money, to create more free time, so I could spend more time with my horses. I was sick and tired of selling my time for money.  I had every excuse under the sun why I struggled so much, thinking it was the system or the government or my talents or my schooling bla bla bla… It was when I stumbled across personal development that everything changed.

I finally worked out that I was not on the list. So I rubbed out my list and put just one thing on it… Me.

If you want me to guide you through this process, contact me today, it is easier than you think. But that’s what you must do… think the right thoughts.

Our horses told me I was on the right track.

Cheers, Chrissy


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