Do You want MoreTimeToRide? I did, here is my Story.

 Hi, I’m Chrissy Greig.


7 years ago, when I was working a job full time, I was very frustrated with not nearly enough time to enjoy my horses.

If you want what I did, and that is more time and money for my passion, fill your details and I will share with you exactly how I changed my situation for the better.

This is how I started in 2009 and it has proven to be, from my experiences, one of the best lifestyle decisions I have ever made. What I have learned is this….

**Regret is far worse than Curiosity.**

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Here is our story so far, and how we created MoreTimeToRide.

Hi I’m Christine ( Chrissy) and I live in Rural Australia.

My husband ( Colin) and I are about to celebrate 35 years of marriage and we have 2 grown children Toby and Ali.

We now live on a beautiful 320 acre property near Tamworth, New South Wales with our 7 horses, 8 dogs, 20 chickens, 8 goats, 2 geese, 6 turkeys and a 53 year old turtle called Sam…. (oh and my Mum who is 84 going on 50) 49 she says…

mum col ali and me

When I was a little girl I did have a couple of ponies but as I grew up I started work, got married at 19, and lived in the city, so no more horses at this stage of my life.

When we did have children, we knew we wanted to raise them in the country so we moved on to a property. Our children had a love of horses and riding, and so began our MoreTimeToRide journey into pony club, and then to breeding and starting all our own young horses under saddle.

As you probably know owning horses can be an expensive past time so I was working full time in retail management, and going to horse shows all weekend.

I had no time for everything, so I decided to quit my full time job and try to make a living from our horses. This didn’t work out so well as we were so fussy on who bought our horses, we ended up keeping them all.

So now I had the time for the horses but not enough money to go to competitions or feed them in drought conditions.

I then went looking for alternative ways to earn money from home.

But I didn’t want just a little bit of money, I wanted a great income.


The first business venture we tried, was in the Share Market which was very stressful, had too much risk and we lost a great deal of money and assets through that period. Not really knowing what we were doing played a big part.

And Then!!…??  GFC, wrong place at the wrong time.

shit hit the fan

I went searching and accidentally found an online business in the local paper in the sector of Personal Development that I could work Part Time around my 2 and 4 legged family.

I did my homework and knew straight away, I can make this work.

The ROI (return on investment) was incredible.

I truly love what I do and I’m very grateful for the Lifestyle I have been able to create.

I believe anyone can create the same success as I have with this business, if they have that same burning desire that I had for more time and money for my family and my passion.

We now live where we want, and travel when we want, while earning a Great income because of my decision to be a part of this very portable business.

If I can do this, anyone can, so long as you

follow the simple proven system and don’t quit.

If you are ready to learn how, you too can start creating your dream life. Click on the Free Information button here or below, and either myself or one of my associates, will reach out to you personally on the phone to provide you with further info.

The first step is a brief chat on the phone, not an email or computer generated tick the box, to see if we have the potential of working together. I will not work with just anybody. I choose to work with positive driven people.

People who want success and abundance.

success people

This business works, and works very well, but like all business’s, only if you work it correctly. It does take an initial start up product purchase and ongoing back office fees to allow you to stay in business, exactly the same as any business either traditional or online. Making millions without any financial commitment is a fairytale.

P.S. “The only person who can create change in YOUR life, is You”.

The Reality is this…..

Nobody will do it for you, nobody really knows you, or even cares”.  

So, “if it was meant to be it is up to Me”.  

I dare you to chase your Passion instead of your Pension.

Now I really do have MoreTimeToRide, and I love my Life.

Giddy Up, Chrissy.

happy little girl

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